Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is made as part of Access Personnel LTD’s commitment to eliminating the exploitation of people under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act). It summarises how Access Personnel LTD operates, the policies and processes in place to minimise the possibility of any problems, any risks we have identified and how we monitor them, and how we train our staff. This statement is published in accordance with section 54 of the Act and relates to the next financial year which ends in December 2021. It was approved by the board of directors on 28.01.2021.

Our Business

Access Personnel LTD is a limited company operating in the recruitment sector. We act both as an employment business and as an employment agency. We provide introduction services, temporary workers and managed service programmes for our clients who operate in the built environment sector.

Who we work with 

All the hirers that we work with, and all the work-seekers we provide, are known to and identified by our staff. All the temporary workers we supply are also identified by our staff. Some of these work- seekers operate through their own limited companies. Some work-seekers may be supplied to other recruitment businesses, who in turn provide them to the eventual client.

The hiring companies that we work with are in the UK. The work-seekers / workers we supply live in the UK and provide Proof of Right to Work in the UK documentation upon registration.

Other relationships

As part of our business, we also work with the following organisations: The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (

Our Policies

  • Access Personnel Ltd Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policies are available here
  • Access Personnel LTD policies are established by our designated HR professionals at Citation LTD, considering industry best practice and relevant legal advice. We review our policies annually, or as needed to adapt to

Our Processes for Managing Risk

In order to assess the risk of modern slavery, we use the following processes with our suppliers:

  • We conduct audits before entering a commercial relationship with any business where there is the potential for risk. These audited businesses are then added to the preferred supplier 

Additionally, we have taken the following steps to minimise the possibility of any problems:

  • We reserve the right to conduct spot-checks of the businesses who supply us, in order to investigate any
  • We require the businesses we work with to abide by our code of supplier

Our Performance

As part of monitoring the performance of Access Personnel LTD, we track general key performance indicators.

Our Training

  • All of our staff receive training and support that is appropriate to their In particular:
  • All of our staff receive awareness-raising information around issues involving modern slavery and human trafficking, so that they can bring any concerns they have to the attention of management.
  • Our Recruiters receive training through the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

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